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Does your organization leverage Eloqua? Watch this educational video to learn expert tips on how to best leverage your marketing automation platform for your organization.

Learn Eloqua Tips From The Experts

Duration: 30 minutes


The Oracle Eloqua platform was featured in Episode 2 of our Ask the Experts webinar series. We collected questions from our registrants and pulled in our experienced consultants to share their expertise on Eloqua software in answering the questions in this live session.

Topics discussed:

  • Security in a Remote Workplace: learn the best way to ensure security with teams working remotely
  • Salesforce Integration App: prepare for the February 01 2021 deprecatation of Eloqua's native Salesforce integration
  • Webinar Platforms/Providers: enable your business to transition to online events
  • Lead Funnel/Flow: expert tips for managing your lead flow in Eloqua
  • Customer Journeys in Oracle Eloqua: Eloqua best practices for creating customer journey maps

This session will appeal to marketing leaders and marketing automation experts.

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James Papke

Senior Marketing Consultant

James is well versed in several marketing automation tools having worked with over 60 organizations to date in a marketing automation consultant capacity. Both skilled and passionate about developing best-for-you practices to enhance marketing and sales efforts, James is always willing to tackle a new obstacle head on.

Jon Alge

Senior Marketing Consultant

Jon has worked in and around marketing technology for over 10 years in roles at three organizations, progressing quickly through the industry thanks to his vast knowledge and excellent insight. Highly effective at finding the right technology for the most specific problems, Jon provides strategic solutions to maximize technology investments.

Dan Hight

Senior Marketing Consultant

Dan is a marketing consultant with experience across the sector developing digital and automation-based marketing strategies. Now focused on empowering enterprise companies through automation, Dan analyses revenue generation from successful initiatives, performs detailed audits and develops roadmaps to optimize organizations’ marketing efforts.

Abrar Ali

Senior Manager, Technology

Abrar has a background in economics and computer science which has given him a unique perspective on solving complex issues in the marketing automation technology space. Having developed and consulted on marketing technology for over six years, Abrar has thrived on overcoming challenges with his data-driven approach and continues to excel in his field.

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