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Do you integrate app after app into your system?

Watch this educational video to learn expert advice on how to get the most out of application integrations and how to prepare for the future of dataware.

Learn About Data Management From The Experts

Duration: 30 minutes


Data Management is the feature topic in this episode of Ask the Experts. Hear from Dan Demers and Abrar Ali on the current and future state of data management, the progression from app-centric to data-centric systems and what that means for your organization.

Topics discussed:

  • Complex Integrations in Marketing and Sales Technology
  • Why We Need Dataware
  • Common Use Cases
  • The Way Forward

This session will appeal to those responsible for purchasing and integrating new software into their business system.

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Dan Demers

Co-Founder and CEO at Cinchy

Dan spent over a decade as an IT executive with leading global financial institutions where he was responsible for delivering mission-critical projects and technology investments. After realizing that half of all IT resources were wasted on integration, he created Cinchy, the platform for building data-centric solutions that make integration obsolete. Recently, Dan has joined the Technical Committee for the development of ‘Zero-Copy Integration’, a new Data Governance standard initiated by the CIO Strategy Council.

Steven Kenway

Senior Manager, Technology at Couch & Associates

Abrar has a background in economics and computer science which has given him a unique perspective on solving complex issues in the marketing automation technology space. Having developed and consulted on marketing technology for over six years, Abrar has thrived on overcoming challenges with his data-driven approach and continues to excel in his field..

About Couch & Associates
We design and deliver innovative solutions to the most complex digital challenges for the world's biggest brands. The Couch & Associates model combines strategic advisory services, marketing technology expertise and software development capabilities to help clients improve performance through unique approaches tailored to their environments. Fortune 1000 firms choose Couch & Associates as their partner in optimizing operations, achieving growth and remaining competitive in the digital era.

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